Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time to pick out holiday cards!

Have you checked out the great selection of Christmas cards at Shutterfly? If not, you really should, there is something for anyone and everyone! Since the first time I heard of Shutterfly, I loved it. Going digital sometimes means that pictures stay on the camera, but Shutterfly makes it really easy for me to upload, order and get my pictures right to my mailbox so I can frame them or scrap them. I usually turn to Shutterfly for my holiday cards and I had a heck of a time picking just one, so here are a few that catch my eye:
I love the red hue and the elegant simplicity of it. Peace, love, joy, those words describe what the holidays are about exactly!

This one would be perfect for documenting all the exciting events that happened this year

Now, to pick the perfect photo. I like to incorporate the whole year in our Christmas card and there were a few significant events this year.
Emma turned one, started walking, talking, getting into everything.....all the things that come with toddlerhood

Baby number two was conceived and is on the way
Cirt's photography career really took off and is making us some extra money, yay for that!
We had a really awesome and fun snowstorm!

I really like this picture that Cirt took while we were cutting down our Christmas tree:

As you can see, all these pictures are of just Emma. That's because most of the pictures we take are of just Emma. What I can I say, she's a first born and she pretty darn cute, if I don't say so myself! :) It's going to be tough to find a picture of the whole family, as it's usually daddy behind the camera and Emma saying cheese. I think we'll have to actually make an effort to gather together only for the purpose of taking a Christmas card photo.

And...I think a great idea for Christmas gifts next year would be the photo calendars, especially for grandma and grandpa. Next year is going to be great, too. Emma will turn 2, the new baby will be born and who knows what else! Speaking of Emma turning 2, I think I'll come back to check out the birthday cards section for birthday party invites!

Oh, and if you're a blogger, check this out to get 50 free cards of your own.


HappilyDomestic said...

She's getting so big! Such a cutie! Oh and I love the diaper picture with the dogs sniffing her butt! Must of been a dirty diaper, eh? LOL Too funny!

Erica K said...

awww she is a cutie. And isn't that how it always is, the first born you go camera crazy, lol.

New follower from monday blog hop.

SalemMomma said...

What a sweetie!
New follower, hope you can stop by for a visit!