Friday, February 26, 2010

She's using the sign language against me!

So, Emma is now pretty consistently using a few different signs. She uses the sign for "more" when she wants food, whether it's more or not. I don't typically give her cookies or junk food, but, my husband gave her a couple the other day and of course she loved them. Cirt was eating cookies last night and left the box out in the living room. When Emma and I came downstairs this morning, the very first thing she did was go directly to the cookies, bring them to her dad and sign "more". And, of course he gave her one. At 9am!!!! So much for all my efforts, he's such a softie!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm a Smarti-mom, are you?

Can I just say, I LOVE Smartipants! They are my go-to diaper all day long. They fit my daughter perfectly, the insert has just the right amount of absorbency and agitates itself out of the cover in the wash. Plus, you can't beat the super cute colors or totally awesome price of $14.95! Wanna win a three pack of these awesome diapers? All you have to do is become a Facebook fan of Smartipants, which you should do anyway!!! I just checked, and they are at 879 fans right now, so hurry up because at 900, the fun begins!!!!


1. becoming a facebook fan or if you are already a facebook fan is one entry
2. following us on twitter at is another entry
3. blogging about thi...s giveaway and then leaving a link to your blog on our fan page here is one entry
4. blogging about this giveaway and then leaving a link to your blog on our twitter page is another entry
5. Re-tweeting about this giveaway is a 3rd entry

We will choose a winner from OUR FACEBOOK FAN BASE based on the above criteria when we reach 900 fans or more! Let's get there and GIVEAWAY SOME SMARTIPANTS!

The great girl event at Happily Domestic, yay!

Do you have a little princess, like I do? Do you like buying really cute things for your little girl? Well, then, winning totally cute things for free would be even better!!! I'm so ecited about the great girl event over at Happily Domestic, one of the blogs that I follow. Not only is Beth an awesome mom blogger, she's hosting this totally cool event, during which, she'll be giving away some great prizes from some great companies. You should DEFINITLEY check it out:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow Friday Blog Hop

This is my first ever attempt at this, so please bear with me. Feedback accepted and greatly appreciated!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

In the interest of saving time and money.....

Ever since becoming a stay at home mom a year ago, I've been doing everything I can to stretch our dollars and become more organized. A household runs much more smoothly if it's organized and neat. Of course, getting everyone on board is another task all together! I've always planned the weekly menu and made my shopping list from it, but now I'm going to try to take the extra step and actually PLAN out a weekly menu. What I mean is, I'll actually put thought into it, like: what would my family like to eat? how can I balance the meals so that they are healthy and yummy? I also have to plan around such things as days when I watch my nephew. I don't think I'll attempt to make beef wellington with baked Alaska on a day when I have two babies to take care of :) Another, important part of planning that I hadn't been doing is writing down the weekly menu. I think this will make me much more accountable and organized. So, here is the dinner menu for this week: I'd love to hear thoughts, advice and suggestions, I really would!

Monday: sloppy joaquins (a Rachel Ray recipe) and salad

Tuesday: chicken rolls (an old family recipe) and green beans

Wednesday: balsamic chicken (another Rachel Ray), french bread and sweet potato casserole

Thursday: Ziti with tomato cream sauce (my favorite vegan recipe) and broccoli
Friday: baked potato soup and salad

Saturday: basil cream chicken pot pies (another R.R.)

Sunday: probably leftovers, or if I'm feeling energetic then curry chicken with coconut rice

So, would you like to come eat at my house this week????