Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm so excited that Emma finally has enough hair to actually do something with! I mean, what's the use of having a girl if you can't dress her up and do her hair, right?! Little girls are so much fun!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A few of my cleaning ideas

Ooh, cleaning tips, I love sharing cleaning tips! I'm constantly cleaning, I mean CONSTANTLY. With a much less than tidy husband, two chihuahuas, one cat and a 13 month old (I also have my 9 month old nephew a couple days/week), my house gets destroyed daily. Here are a few of my tips:

1. The thing I'm most picky about keeping clean is the floors. I vacuum at least every other day, both the carpet and wood. I have a light weight model vacuum in the kitchen, which I use to clean up after meals and I use a steam mop on the wood and linoleum. Steam mops are great because they don't use any chemicals and sanitize with just water.

2. I make my own all purpose cleaning spray and disinfectant. Did you know that tea tree oil and vinegar are natural disinfectants? Baking soda and borax are also great for getting rid of odors and scouring surfaces.

3. I use the brush hand attachment on my vacuum to dust many surfaces. It's a lot faster than other methods and doesn't just stir up and move around dust.

4. Baby wipes are awesome, I use them to wipe down the leather furniture. They are also great for dusting and wiping off toys.

5. A pumice stone is great for removing marks left on the porcelain sinks and toilet. I also use it clean the burners of my gas stove (which get really gross).

6. Clutter makes a clean house look dirty, so I try to keep my house as clutter free as possible. I only put out a few of Emma's toys at a time and rotate them. That way she's limited with the amount of mess she can make daily. I try not to let things like plastic bags, mail, and laundry pile up but take care of them frequently.

7. Every night, before I go to bed, I make sure that the kitchen is clean. There are never dirty dishes in the sink. I always rinse and put them in the dishwasher immediately after use. I also try to clean while I'm cooking instead of letting things pile up. I try not to let things pile up on the counters and make sure they are wiped down. That way, when I get up in the morning I can make breakfast for Emma without having to worry about cleaning up the kitchen first.