Thursday, April 15, 2010

The great Orange Glo debacle

Never, I repeat, never, ever use orange glo hardwood floor cleaner. Of course, if you like having streaky, cloudy looking floors then go right ahead! For me, this was truly a case of  "the grass is always greener..." because my floors were just fine. I had always cleaned with my Shark steam mop, which uses only water to clean and sanitize! But, I guess I thought they could be even shinier (wood floors, at least the type I have are not meant to be super shiny), so I tried the Orange Glo floor refinisher that came with a dust mop I bought. After applying the product, the floor looked awesome and super shiny. Things went awry (sp?) the next time I went to clean the floor. I used my steam mop as usual and began to notice a greenish-gray filmy gunk collecting in front of the mop. It took me a minute to figure out that it was the film left behind by the orange glo. Gross!
I did some research and found out that there is nothing but negative talk about orange glo and many people are saying the same thing: "why is this product still allowed on the market?".  I couldn't even believe the amount of negative reviews out there! Apparently many a wood floor has been ruined by this product. Why oh why did I not do the research first?? I was definitley kicking myself. The orange glo website even recommends using ammonia to strip floors of their product! 
So, I got on my hands and knees with a bucket of ammonia and a rag and went to work. I could actually see the film coming up off the floor as I scrubbed. I really try to keep the cleaning projects I use safe and earth friendly, so I really hated to use such a strong chemical, but I wanted to get the floor back to it's regular state as quickly as possible and everyone said ammonia and water is the best way. I thik it'll take a couple more cleanings, but the floor is on it's way to being film-free.
What's the lesson here: if things are working fine, don't bother changing the routine! I don't know what I was thinking, but I'll never stray from my steam mop again!


ONCE upon a time.... said...

i still haven't ordered that steam mop yet but i plan on it......thanks for reinforcing that simple is best!


Karyie said...

I have really old wood floor and I use vinegar/water/alcohol/vegetable oil on them. They do not have the wax (that awful film you got) I used vinegar and water first because they were in awful shape. Then, I rubbed the floor down with just vegetable oil. Now I use the mixture in a spray bottle (in case I get a toddler break :o)!!) and my swiffer mop, but instead of the store bought cloths, I use a washcloth.
p.s. here is a link for more green cleaning!!