Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just when I was about to start spring cleaning, we get hit with this:

A late February snow! Two days ago I had my drying rack out on the deck and was sunning my diapers. And I have all sorts of ideas for spring cleaning, seriously, I have a huge list. And...the baby is coming in June, so I'm probably nesting, so the drive to clean will be extra strong.

On that note; does anyone have any good ideas for cleaning metal blinds? I hate metal blinds!!!! But they're what we have in our house and not a high priority on the home improvement list. Anyway, I do dust them regularly, but some of them were gross when we moved in and I've never given them a scrub down. I was looking up methods online and found this common suggestion: take them down, soak in a bathtub with mild soap, rinse and then lay out on a towel to dry. Has anyone tried this? Does it work?


The Baby Store Plus said...

Yes that method of cleaning metal blinds does work. OMG the tub water looks so Gross on tje first wash. I have done it many times. If you have some assistance I even hold them up in the tub and use the hand-held shower head and spray them down for a final rinse. Don't use good towels to dry them on because sometimes mystery dirt weeps out of hidden areas onto your towel. This method does an Amazing job and the blinds look fantastic after.

Enjoy your Spring 'Nesting' Cleaning. I wish I could hire a third trimester mom to clean my house, lol.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog from the cloth diaper hop!!

Tamara said...

Ana, that's a terrific marketing idea. Maybe I should try it out and make some extra money for the family :)