Wednesday, February 23, 2011

23 weeks, and it's a.......


Yikes, honestly, I'm still getting used to the idea of having another baby and more so now that I know it's a boy. I really, really wanted another girl (I'm sorry if that sounds selfish or mean or whatever, but I'm not sorry for the way I feel, I can't help it). I just haven't had time to think of myself as a mom to a boy. I know that as soon as I hold the baby in my arms all doubt and any negative feelings will vanish, but at the moment I'm still getting used to it, so please don't judge. I fully believe in expressing one's feelings, I think it's necessary in order to work through them.

Besides just wanting another girl, there are a couple personal issues relating to boys that my husband and I are on opposite sides of and negotiation has been difficult. I was really stressed out about it during the first trimester! I'm starting to feel a little bit better, and again, I know I'll be fine once the baby is actually here.

Most of the important baby gear we bought for Emma is gender neutral looking, not that the color of a car seat or stroller really matters, but you know how some people get ;) So, now I'm on the hunt for baby boy clothes, since I don't have any of those and we're otherwise pretty well set. Oh, except for one more thing......diapers!!!!

Oh newborn joy! I'm so excited to start cloth diapering right away this time (I didn't start with Emma until she was about 6 months old). We bought up a bunch of small Bum Genius all-in-ones (10, I think) back when they were discontinued and I have a super cute Smartipants that I got for review (check out my giveaway here), a couple fitteds that I got from a WAHM and three small Fuzzibunz. I also plan to use prefolds and covers, which I already have. Other than that, what else do you think I need to exclusively cloth diaper a newborn? Of course I still have Emma's whole stash, which is mostly onesize diapers, that I can use too. I'm not planning on Emma totally being out of diapers, but hopefully she'll be mostly potty trained by June when little guys comes.


Janine said...

CONGRATS! I am so jealous of everyone pregnant right now!

When I found out I was having a boy, it made me a little sad just because it ruined the fantasy of having a girl. Before I knew it was a boy, it was like I was preparing to have both, so to have a finite gender actually took something away from me, if that makes sense. Nothing wrong if you simply wanted girls though! You really can't help how you feel but I am sure your mind will change, probably before he is born.

Yay for cloth diapering him as well, and good luck with your 'negotiations'!

Lilac said...

Hey! Don't feel bad about how you feel. I was hoping for a girl and when I found out I was having a boy, I was a little lost. But now I just LOVE having a boy. So much so that I'm really hoping #2 turns out to be another boy. :-)

I'm right there with you on the cloth diapers. We cloth diaper my son, but we've only got OS diapers, really. So we need to build a newborn stash for #2. :-)

Have you checked out the GroVia Newborn AIO's? I've always felt AIO's are a little impractical, but they're SO cute. And I've managed to convince myself that with messy newborn poops, most covers and inserts will turn into one-time-use diapers anyway. ;-)

I was bad and bought an owl print GroVia Newborn AIO while they were having the President's Day Sale. I couldn't resist! They're so tiny and cute! Plus they've got a nice low rise and we had umbilical cord issues with my son when I switched him into the OS early. Bloody stumps scare Mama, even if they're supposedly harmless!

Good luck with your son! I hope you enjoy him as much as I enjoy mine--or more! :-)

Nanny Anna said...

No judging here :) I know how you feel. When I was having baby number two I thougjt for sure it was a boy. My first was a girl so I was thrilled with one of each. In my day they only did ultrasounds if you had complications so I was judging the sex based on the way I carried the baby, the totally different heart rate, this strange patch of hair on my tummy (wives tales). I picked out my boy name and ways totally shocked when the doc said, "Its a GIRL!" It took me a fee days to get ise to that, bit like you said, when they put her in my arms I was just as thrilled that she was a girl. Besides, now I didn't have to deal with the decision about whether or not he should be circumsized.

Congratulations on the new baby, regardless of if it is a she or a he.


camille said...

i'm so excited for you! and you do know you have full access to my baby boy clothes, right??? as long as you return them when/if i have another boy!! ;)

boys are the BEST! there is nothing like having your son cuddle with you and tell you he loves you....and boys are SO hilarious the way they relate to bodies...i cant think of a nice way to say it....but they are funny with their "parts!" z makes me smile every single day! of course i'm biased, having a boy myself, but boys really are fabulous! you will wonder what you were nervous about!! :)

camille <3

Tandy and Jeff said...

Don't feel bad about feeling the way you do! I felt that way too!
We just had our second baby (a girl!) in late January. Our first is a boy and I just assumed our second would be a boy too. I was a little sad when we found out it was a girl at the ultrasound. Though findin gout at the ultrasound was nice cuz we had time to get used to the idea. We love her tons and wouldn't have it any other way!

Tina Deanette Gower said...

Congrats! Boys are great, I should know, I have 4! Lol! MY 4th (and final) is a girl! I was so excited!! Don;t worry about the way you feel, it's totally normal :o) I started CDing my DD when she was 2 weeks old. The Thirsties Duos I had rubber her cord and made it bleed so I waited until it fell off to start cloth. I loved loved loved flats and thirties duo wraps for the 1st couple months! Then she started to fit into her OS dipes better! Good luck!

Jess and the boys said...

Hooray for a boy!! :) I was mildly disappointed when I found out Eli was a boy.. But was of course happy with my two boys! :) Next time, though, I am definitely praying for my girl!