Monday, October 25, 2010

Have you been Boo'd?

I had never heard of this fun Halloween game before this year, but it's really fun! I guess it's pretty popular in suburban neighborhoods all over. This is the first time we've lived in a real "neighborhood", like with a home owners association and all. Anyway, we came home from the pumpkin patch on Saturday afternoon to find a bucket with some goodies and a note on our front porch. The person who left it for us was obviously thinking of us specifically because the items were geared toward and appropriate for our 20 month old daughter. I thought that was very thoughtful!

So, the way it works is this: when you get Boo'd, you put up a sign on your door to let everyone know you've already been hit. Then, you "boo" 2 more neighbors and the chain continues. I like "pay it forward" things like this. It's always nice to get a little surprise and know that someone has thought of you.

If you live in an appropriate neighborhood, why don't you start this fun game. Here is a website with more information:

Happy Halloween!

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