Friday, February 26, 2010

She's using the sign language against me!

So, Emma is now pretty consistently using a few different signs. She uses the sign for "more" when she wants food, whether it's more or not. I don't typically give her cookies or junk food, but, my husband gave her a couple the other day and of course she loved them. Cirt was eating cookies last night and left the box out in the living room. When Emma and I came downstairs this morning, the very first thing she did was go directly to the cookies, bring them to her dad and sign "more". And, of course he gave her one. At 9am!!!! So much for all my efforts, he's such a softie!


ONCE upon a time.... said...

LOL! zaner looooves cookies, too...he calls them "too-ties" so don't worry, it's not just miss ems! and one cookie or two won't hurt her. just make sure she doesn't get them all day long!!! love to you!


Safe Home Happy Mom said...

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